Octopus carpaccio

Creamy salad, pumpkin oil


Arugula salad, capers


Citrus, fresh fish and shellfish

Smoked ham and cheese

Dalmatian smoked ham, selection of goat cheeses



Chickpeas humus, cuttlefish


Carrot salad, olive oil

Gnudi (gnocchi made from cottage cheese)

Foam sauce, basil

Cuttlefish ragout

Cuttlefish, spelta gnocchi




Grilled fish (portion)

Fish fillet,  potatoes cream, tempura oyster, zucchini

Grilled fish ( sea bass, sea bream) 1 kg.

Fish, potatoes cream,  zucchini

Tuna steak

Yellowtail adriatic tuna , potatoes cream

Bouzzara of the sea

Scampis, fish, mussels, homemade tagliatelle

Black spaghetti

Squids, shrimp, foam of parmesan cheese



Celery mousse, demi glace, mushrooms

Aged sirloin steak

Aged 20 days, celery mousse

Chicken breast

Grilled on butter, potatoes and mini tomatoes

Braised short beef rib

Cooked in wine sauce, sweet potato




Chocolate lava cake

Forest fruit sauce, vanilla ice cream

Fruit sorbet

Season fruit






All dishes include appropriate garnish. Tax included. Tip is not included. Menu is possible to change depending on the availability of food and possibility of chef’s new ideas.



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